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Originally I was in farming and from an early age through my Grandfather and Uncle who were both farmers, so it came naturally as they say ‘it’s in the blood’ anyway I served a full apprenticeship in farming which introduced me to ‘Mechanics’ which in those days was part of the farming curriculum, all of a sudden I found not only a new string to my bow, but a new interest and in fact a new job after serving another apprenticeship, this was now my new vocation.

Loves & Passions in my Life

Well I suppose the top of my list is my family who not only are the love of my life but hold me together in good times and especially in bad times they give me a reason to live.

From my early days brought up on a farm and the strong ties with animals both domestically and wild life it became a real passion of mine to a point of obsession at times along with the environment in we which live.
Once I get started on wildlife and the environment you just can’t stop me? So I am sure I will be boring you all with my love and especially my pet hates of how many people along with companies and government bodies are constantly ruining this country.


What to expect on my Blogs?

The Environment and Many Issues on How the Government are Ruining This Country.

Well let’s have a quick insight in to what to expect and the content hopefully we can cover, but as they say the ‘World is our Oyster’ so if the content is not exactly what you want please let me know and I will see what I can do?
One thing that stands out above everything else for me, is the way everybody are intent of ripping off the working class of Britain and all these Government bodies, big banks and not to forget the Utility Suppliers, that really winds me up and gets me madder than ever, are these rich company directors, MPs and others who are now running these companies, we created as a nation and over the years they have totally striped the nations assets and sold them off for peanuts to some rich bunch of people who are constantly ripping us off so we get poorer and these fat cats get richer.
It’s time we renationalise these former Utility Suppliers, kick out these Greedy MPs who don’t understand ripping the government off with extortionate expenses is Totally Wrong and anybody who is incapable of understanding this is not only wrong but anybody who falsely submits false expenses they should never be allowed to represent the public of Great Britain.


Jot Your Thoughts Down

  If you’re like me at most unusual times and places I have amazing thoughts but then when I’m back at my laptop I have forgot everything about these amazing thoughts, why not jot down a word or two that will bring your thought back?


Help us to Help You

Mouth or Money?

March 2019


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

  Well all you people out there who are dishearten and fed up with the way our parliament leaders are running this country (or should it be Ruining) let’s get together and start a new party to make the changes needed to run the country efficient and effective without ripping everybody off..

  We need honest hard working people with some basic knowledge and education, able to commit to spending some time away from home, able to organise helpers and volunteers along with enrolling sponsors and helpers for this you must have some means of income or support but nothing excessive to start with, which will only be a bond, printing of leaflets, etc. not sure? as long as your honest, trustworthy and committed to hard work I would love to hear from you?

Have a Coffee and Talk it over Before Any Commitment

  This is not a rush job, please take your time in thinking this through, have a sit down with friends or loved ones have a talk and a coffee before committing yourself? Drop me a line, there is loads of information on line. We also need volunteers and helpers from all walks of life and from all over the country if this is going to succeed. 

Please Help Us Launch Our First Political Party

We Need Hundreds of Volunteers and Helper to Help Launch Our Political Party to Challenge the Big Three,

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live (within the catchment area of England and Wales), as long as you’re honest and are willing to help us launch our new political party we would love to hear from you.

We would also love to hear from business people who would like to help us climb the steps to a successful party to run the country not ruin it, maybe you have a printing shop and are able to help out with some of our printing needs or a legal wizard who can help with advice, or maybe you are as committed as us to get the country back on its feet and make massive improvements to all UK business’s and would like to help out with some small or large donation, we are a new party with very high standards. PLEASE HELP?

March 2019


March 2019


Our Main Aims

  1. Target Corruption in Government Local and National.
  2. Sort Out Utility Suppliers.
  3. Stop MPs Wasting Money and Claiming High Expenses.
  4. Put a Stop to High Speed Rail and improve Current Lines.
  5. Nationalise Rail Service and Make Travel More Affordable.
  6. Stop Police Squandering Money on Foreign Expensive Vehicles.
  7. Delegate Our Forces to make our Borders Safer.
  8. Build Central Walk in Medical Centres in Every Town.
  9. Make Every Road With a Speed Limit 40MPH or less Display Signs.
  10. Make More Incentives to Buy Local Made Products & Produce.

Help Stop Proposed High Speed Rail Link

  This Proposed High Speed Rail Link is a ridicules project the government are intent on pushing through? Even though it is going to cost an unbelievable amount of money and would most likely cost double the estimated amount by the time it was completed, not to mention the total disruption to thousands of people and have devastating effects on our wildlife and the environment.
Help Stop It NOW?

March 2019



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